Master Thief

"Oh sweetie, if you didn't want me to steal it, you should have nailed it down." -Master Thief


Grab Bag
She reaches into her magic satchel, pulls out a random item and throws it at the furthest away foe dealing magic damage. What happens depends on which item she throws. Vorpal Boomerang: Deals magic damage to all foes while knocking them forward. Sock Full o' Pennies: Deals magic and bashing splash damage. Photo Bomb: Deals magic splash damage and blinds all foes due to the flash mob. Holy Hand Grenade: Deals magic splash damage and stuns all foes due to the stunning holiness. Jar of Kitten Tears: Deals magic splash damage and silences all foes for due to the extreme sadness.
Magic Damage
Sticky Fingers
She commits thievery on the battlefield by stealing gear from a random foe. During the steal, she deals magic damage to the foe, and heals herself. As a result of stealing gear, she gains basic damage and the foe loses basic damage for the remainder of the wave.
Magic Damage
She snuck a peak at the enemy team's battle plan before the fight. She now has a chance to gain buffs and shields that affect the allies of her foes and is guaranteed to steal buffs and shields of her level and lower.
Thief absorbs all damage of offensive skills directed toward her and is immune to all debuffs for a short time. She then counters by hurling a ball of energy across the battlefield that deals a percentage of the absorbed damage as true damage to all foes.

Basic Info

Basic Info
Physical Attack
Physical Damage
Primary Stat

Core Stats

Core Stats