Service Closure Announcement

Firstly we'd like to thank all the fans who have supported and enjoyed our DragonSoul mobile game thus far. As huge fans of DragonSoul ourselves, the team is proud to have provided a unique and enjoyable game to the players.

Unfortunately we must inform you with a heavy heart that we have decided to close DragonSoul for Android, Amazon and iOS.

In the meantime, while we prepare for the app removal and closure of DragonSoul, we have disabled in app purchases starting 2019-01-31 04:00 UTC. However players will still be able to play the game until 2019/05/08 04:00 UTC.

The schedule for closure is as follows.

  • 2019-01-31 04:00 UTC Disable in app purchases

  • 2019-05-08 04:00 UTC Disable distribution for Google Play store, Apple App store and Amazon App store

  • 2019-05-08 04:00 UTC Disable access to the DragonSoul app

For any other questions or concerns about the closure, please refer to the FAQ provided below.


We appreciate the fans who have supported DragonSoul until this point. We thank you for playing the game and hope that your remaining time with DragonSoul is an enjoyable one.

It has been an honor and a privilege,

The DragonSoul team