Guild War

The Guild War is an epic week long event during which Guilds brawl in up to 12 Battles against other Guilds. The all-out War rewards success and persistence as Guilds vie for the top ranks to earn glory and prizes! At the end of each War, participants receive a huge pile of War Tokens to use at the War Shop and earn the right to choose from amazing rewards based on their Guild’s rank and number of wins.

Titan Temple

If you find a Titan Temple, invite your fellow guild members to help you take down all 5 Titans. You have 24 hours to take on this challenge: earn gear every time you or a Guild Member defeat a Titan!

Boss Pit

Choose a Boss to battle, then prove your might in three stages against them. Each battle and their minions get tougher and tougher in each stage, and you can only play one stage per day. It's dangerous, but the HUGE rewards are worth it!


Starting at Team Level 61, customize your heroes' stats with the Rune System. Collect and equip an endless combination of powerful runes. Trade in runes for more powerful or more coveted ones. Even earn specific runes by participating in contests and through special Event chests.


Fight against other players in rounds of three battles against you opponent. Make sure you strategize by creating three teams of 5 so you don't get caught underpowered at the end! You must all three battles in order to claim your rewards.


Up to 50 players can join a Guild. Share strategies, trade heroes, join forces in Guild Wars and the Titan Temple, and gain access to the Guild Shop!


Chapter by Chapter, lead your team on a quest to beat the Evil Dragon Umlaut’s minions! Select your team of 5 for each battle, which comes in three waves. You'll fight archers, goblins and even captured heroes as you win back Soulstones and get closer to your matchup against the mighty Umlaut.

Fight Pit

You've got one shot to battle other players in a 5-on-5 match-up in the Fight Pit. Choose your strongest lineup, then take down the opponent of your choice to rise in the rankings. Stay in the top rankings for prizes and loot! Make sure to set up a strong defense to protect your rank while you're away.


Use Echanting Stones for much-needed strength after Team Level 35. Select a hero and power them up by enchanting their gear.

The Mountain

The Mountain has something to offer every day. Ascend the Summit to win XP potions, or descend into the Caves to earn ore.


Compare how your team stacks up against other players worldwide. Check out your team's power, total stars, League levels, and even compare your Guild to others. Are you staying on top?


Open on different days, Challenges include the Stone Forest, Molten Scar, and the Dragon Deathmatch. In each mode, you take on different enemies. Make sure you bring the right team for the job!

The Crypt

Raid the Crypt with help from your Guild Mates! Help your Guild to Victory by defeating three parties of five enemies each.


The Expedition is a series of 15 teams of increasing difficulty. Win epic prizes at the end of each stage of 3 battles!