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Dragonsoul 2.5 Release!

July 19, 2016

2.5 Client Patch Notes

DragonSoul 2.5 is here!

Team Level Cap Increases
Server 1, 2 
Get Orange +2
Team Level cap increase to 105 will come in 2.5.1
Servers 3, 4, 5, 6
All got TL cap increases in the last couple weeks
Server 7 
is still growing. It will get its first TL cap increase in a couple weeks.

War Modifiers
We are adding weekly modifiers to War to spice things up a bit. Each week a different modifier will be in effect. These modifiers give defenders a bonus, causing attackers to think differently and rewarding defenders who modify their defenses to capitalize on the current modifier. War Modifiers will affect active Battles as soon as 2.5 is released.

War Matchmaking Improvements
I think we all can agree the current war matchmaking algorithm leaves some things to be desired. This update we have a brand new system. The new system makes the matches much more fair. It also removes any advantage for sandbagging (saving tickets for the weekend).

Purple/Orange Gear Improvements
We’ve gotten some feedback that the late-game gear grind can get a bit grueling. We agree, so we redesigned gear drop rates and hero gear usage starting from Purple +3 onward. This should make it easier and more fun to acquire gear and promote heroes going forward.

Higher Drop Rates
First, we increased the drop rates for all Orange and Purple scraps from 20% to 25%.

More Balanced Gear Distribution
Currently there are some items you need A LOT of or that EVERY hero needs (hello Philters and Halberds!). This gets old. Not only do you never have enough of those core items, many of the other items feel useless.

Challenges and Boss Pit
We felt like both of these modes were dropping too much “junk” and could use a refresh. Now, while neither mode will drop items from the newest chapter, the items that they do drop will be more useful in promoting your heroes, especially up to the second highest rarity.

New Forums & CS Improvements
We have several new and improved tools for the community! This is an area we’re working hard to improve: from getting feedback, to fixing problems, to answering questions.

New Heroes

Kraken King
Mid-line damage hero who pulls the enemy backline to him using his long tentacles. Deals mostly physical damage and can stun and slow foes.

Water Wyrm
Back-line support dragon who can become invulnerable for short periods while buffing allies' armor and magic resistance. Can also stun and slow enemies, particularly those with high Agility.

Master Thief
Mid-line damage hero who uses her wiles and magic bag of tricks to manipulate her enemies while dealing heavy damage.

Doppelganger (coming in 2.5.1)
Mid-line control hero who can transform into an opposing hero for the remainder of a wave. When not transformed, deals light magic damage. Can also blind and reduce armor of foes, particularly those with high Strength.

New Legendary Skills

Moon Drake
Orange: Moon and her allies gain energy while Radiant Flux charges.
Purple: Moon and her allies now gain Intellect instead of Skill Power. 

Cosmic Elf
Orange: His attacks now break shields.

Hero Balancing 
No changes this release!

Hero Location Updates
For 2.5, we’re starting to customize hero availability more by server. Check your server to see where all the goodies are!

For additional info, check out the 2.5 Patch Notes

Dragonsoul 2.4 Release!

June 20, 2016

2.4 Client Patch Notes

DragonSoul 2.4 is here!

Global Rune Launch
Runes are officially out of beta on live now on all servers.
The feature unlocks at Level 61.
Check out the Rune Guide for more info!
Because we’re launching Runes across the entire game, we decided to increment our release version to 2.4.
Other than Runes, this is not a regular update.
The next big update will be 2.5, available in mid-July. More info to come closer to launch!

Android 6.0 Support
We’ve added some additional support for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the majority of invalid loot errors
  • Contests:
    • Fixed issue where ranks were being displayed incorrectly
    • Fixed issue where app could crash while on Contests screen
  • Other fixes:
    • Several other minor bug fixes

For additional info, check out the 2.3.1 Patch Notes.

DragonSoul 2.3.1 is available!

June 12, 2016

DragonSoul 2.3.1 is here!

This is a small update to our release last week - DragonSoul 2.3!

Check out the patch notes for specific bug fixes and tweaks we've made!

In case you missed the 2.3 announcement: you can read all about the details here, but the highlights include:

We hope you love it as much as we do.


2.3 Coming Soon!

May 26, 2016

Update 2.3 is fast approaching. With this update we’ll be releasing more great heroes, some improvements to Runes and War, and some EXCITING new chat features.

We’ll be previewing some of the new content and features over on Facebook. Have you Liked us yet? https://www.facebook.com/dragonsoulgame

2.2 Release

May 26, 2016

In our 2.2 update, we released some BIG new changes:

Rune Feature, released in Beta:

Finally, you can customize your Heroes' stats! Collect and equip an endless combination of powerful Runes once you achive Team Level 61. Runes will be found exclusively in the Campaign from Chapter 8 and on.

Read more in the Rune Guide!


Contests are new, limited time events where you can compete server wide to compete various tasks for awesome rewards. Keep an eye out for contests, which may or may not be announced in advance.

In addition to these to big features, we also release three awesome new Heroes and added Legendary Skills to 8 of our existing Heroes.

Get in there and start kicking some butt!