Plant Soul

"If you want to build a good warm compost, talk to Plant Soul." -Pixie Queen


Soul Guard
Moves into a defensive stance in front of the ally with the lowest percent health. Whenever her ally is attacked while in this stance, Plant Soul counters with her sword, sending leaves ripping through all foes in front of her dealing magic damage. After each counter, Plant Soul heals the ally she's guarding.
Magic Damage
Cross Pollination
Channels her team's vital force, gaining energy every time an ally uses their active skill.
Verdant Life Force
The power of her soul heals her and her allies over time. Upon dying, her exposed soul remains on the battlefield and continues to heal her allies. After the fight in which she dies, Plant Soul's healing force persists across subsequent waves of combat.
Deep Roots
Extends her roots into the earth to tap into her allies' essence. Each time an ally dies, she absorbs energy.

Basic Info

Basic Info
Physical Attack
Physical Damage
Primary Stat

Core Stats

Core Stats