Unstable Understudy

“The rain masked Brodo’s tears as they emotionally locked with Graham’s. ‘I don’t think I can carry this burden alone, Graham.’ Don’t worry Mr. Brodo. I’ll carry your burden just like I carry you, in my heart!” - Excerpt from The Lord of the Bling, by Unstable Understudy, FanFiction Review Issue #45


Punch Out
Launches an earthen fist at a foe dealing magic damage.
Meteor Shower
Calls don icy meteors on the heads of all foes dealing magic damage to each foe hit.
Hunger Pang
Turns a foe into a tasty morsel, dealing magic damage and disabling them.
Positive Energy
She gains energy every time she attacks.
Energy Shield
Gains a shield at the start of battle that absorbs damage. When the shield is hit she gains energy. The shield expires after few seconds.

Basic Info

Basic Info
Physical Attack
Physical Damage
Primary Stat

Core Stats

Core Stats