Frost Giant

“He’s quite handy to ‘ave around, really. I ken fit a whole six pack in his chest ‘n just pull ‘em out all frost ‘n delicious-like whenever I need a pick-me-up.” - Ninja Dwarf


Freezer Burn
Conjures a shockwave of freezing air that deals magic damage across the entire battlefield.
Death Popsicle
Hurls a monster icicle at a single foe dealing physical damage immediately and additional physical damage over 6 seconds.
Frosty Deluge
Spews ice on foes dealing magic damage.
Cool Runnings
His bobsled training gives him and his allies Tenacity, which reduces the duration of stuns and disables.
Polar Vortex
Whenever he damages a foe, that foe's attack speed and movement speed is reduced by a few seconds. Repeated damage refreshes the duration.

Basic Info

Basic Info
Magic Attack
Magic Damage
Primary Stat

Core Stats

Core Stats