Golden Genie

"Feel the wrath of my CHICKEN CANNON!" -Golden Genie's war cry


Fowl Frontal Assault
Launches a volley of chickens out of his hand cannon. Each bird deals physical damage to all enemies in front of him. The recoil from each blast causes him to take physical damage as well. The volley continues as long as the genie has life remaining.
Three Wishes
When his health runs out, Golden Genie disappears into his lamp. He then wishes himself back into existence, reviving himself with some remaining health. Any nearby enemies are stunned as he emerges from his lamp. If he is hit too many times while he is still in his lamp, he will die permanently. He may revive up to three times per battle, but each time he enters his lamp it takes one less hit to kill him.
You Said Goat, Right?
Summons an angry goat in front of him. The goat charges forward and deals physical damage to each enemy as it runs past.
It Gives You Horns
Sprouts a sweet pair of horns for a set amount of seconds (determined by hero level), increasing his attack damage and skill power.

Basic Info

Basic Info
Physical Attack
Physical Damage
Primary Stat

Core Stats

Core Stats